Sunday, 8 July 2018


Every beginning has an end & every end is a new beginning. Year start & ends .Days start & end for something new ,beginning.
    Life is a long adventure.Throughout ,in all our journey we meet many people.those may only be in our lives for a short time,but laughs,memories that together will be a part of our lives for forever.
Some of them becomes very good & best friend.
   And when time comes to say,Someone to goodbye"its really very hard and we spend much more time with them.we share our sadness,happiness with our colleagues,friends.
    During last year of's keep farewell party. This is not just a farewell party.its all about to share and  recollect memories during the journey of college .sadness and happiness things of students and teachers and all.
 To say goodbye and wishing good luck to their friends for future.
   Its very hard and difficult to say goodbye.As we know we are not going to meet the persons from next day. Whose becomes our strangers ,besties with whom we had a very good & nice time with them.still we accept it and move on to the next journey ,do a farewell.
  As we everyone knows to keep on moving its a life necessity in order to experience for personal growth and the change.
    Life is like a bicycle.we need the balance and we should keep on moving...

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